Welcome Lunch for 2006
M. Ed. students at SFU
2005 MFin  Students at
Saint Mary's University
New students arriving at
University  of Windsor  in
July, 2006
2004 iMACC students at
Brock University
Some Brock's MBA
students at graduation
celebration in May, 2006
2004 MFin students at
Saint Mary's University
Can-Zhong Consultants
Visited Dalhousie
University in Aug., 2005
2003 MBA Students at
Brock University
2004 MASCE Students
at MUN
2003 MFIN students at
Saint Mary's University
Brock University, Shanghai
University, & Can-Zhong at
a signing ceremony 2003
2002 iMACC students
at Brock University
Saint Mary's University
presentation in Nanjing
2003 MBA Students at
Royal Roads University
Mr. Frank Wang with
some Can-zhong
Shanghai office staff
Vancouver, Canada
Shanghai, China
Welcome to Can-Zhong

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promotes many professional Master's programs at
Canadian universities.

Please click the Programs page to get more detailed information.
If you want our office to assess your qualification, please call
604-987-1448 or send an e-mail message to
for an initial evaluation.

2019 Spring Master Program Interview Events
We are pleased to announce that 2019 Spring  Master Program Interview
Events will be held in
Shanghai from Feb. .28th to Mar. 10th, 2019

The following is a list of representatives will attend this event:

Trent University
Dr. Marco Pollanen, Director of AMOD Program

Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design University
Prof. Michael LeBlanc, Chair of Design Division

Saint Mary's University
Dr. Francis Boabang, Director of Master Finance Program
Pro. Keith Bain, Ajunct Profess of Big Data Program

These university representatives will deliver presentations to students and
parents in China and to promote their professional master programs
during the symposium. They will also interview pre-screened candidates
for those master programs.

Applicants, who are interested in attending 2019 Spring Professional
Master Program Symposium and who want to be interviewed by those
faculty members, should contact our Shanghai office at 021-6218-6078,
021-6218-4606, or 021-6248-1655 to reserve a free ticket, or visit our
special website: www.canzhong.cn for more information.

For more informations, please contact
Ms. Jasmine Wan at our Vancouver Office 1-604-987-1448

Ms. Cindy Wang, Mr.Rex Ma  at our Shanghai Office at 86-21-6248-1655,
86-21-6218-6078, or 86-21-6218-4606

Can-Zhong is an agent for more than 40 professional Master
Programs at 10 well established universities in Canada.

Call (604)-987-1448 in Canada for more informations

Can-zhong International Education Consulting Overview

Can-Zhong International Education Consulting is a Vancouver based
company. Can-Zhng provides consulting services to overseas students
who want to obtain either a Master degree or a bachelor degree from
universities in North America and Europe. Please see  more detail on
About Us page.

Can-Zhong is promoting the following master programs in China:

--Master of Big Data, Trent University
--Master of Financial Analytics, Trent University
--Master of Management, Trent University

--Master of Design, Nova Scotia College of Arts & Design University

--Master of Finance - Saint. Mary's University
--Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Saint Mary's U
--Master of Applied Economics, Saint Mary's University

--Master of Accounting, Brock University
--Master of Business Administration - Brock University
--Master of Applied Materials Science,Brock University
--Master of Mineral Exploration and Mining Geology, Brock University
--Master of Business Economics, Brock University
--Master of Education, Brock University

--Master of Engineering in Internetworking, Dalhousie University

--Master of Computer Engineering, Memorial University
--Master of Oil & Gas Engineering, Memorial University
--Master of Environmental Systems Engineering, Memorial University
--Master of Engineering Management, Memorial University

--Master of Management(in Manufacturing), University of Windsor
--Master of Management(in International Accounting and Finance), UoW
--Master of Management (in logistics & Supply Chain), U of Winsor
--Master of Management (in Human Resource Management), U of W
--Master of Auto Engineering, U of Windsor
--Master of Medical biotechnology, U of Windsor
--Master of Education Administration, University of Windsor
--Master of Education in Curriculum, U of Windsor
--Master of Computing, U of Widnsor

Bachelor of Journalism (12 months), University of King's College
Master of Journalism (8 months), University of King's College
Master of Journalism (2 years), University of King's College

Please see more information on Programs
Can-Zhong International Education Consulting Ltd.
Some 2006's MASCE
Students at MUN
Some 2006's iMACC
students at Brock U
2006's MM Program
Students at U of Windsor
UBC & U of Windsor's
Presentation at Tianjin U,
Nov. 2006
Symposium in Zhengzhou,
Nov. 2006
Dr. Fields & Prof. LeBlanc
with leaders of  Huanghe
U in Nov. 2006
Canadian Delegates in
Changsha in Nov. 2006
Dr. Andrews of SFU
delivering his speech at
Symposium in Nov. 2006
Symposium in Shanghai
Nov. 2006
Dean Kusy from Brock U at
his presentation at
Symposium in Nov. 2006
Dr. Fields from U of
Windsor chatting with
students at Symposium
Delegates mingling with
students at Symposium
Dr. Eunice Li-Chan from
UBC at her presentation in
Nov. 2006
Dean Hutchinson and Ms.
Watkins of York U at their
presentation in Nov. 2006
Dr. Rathwell of Dalhousie
U delivering his speech at
Symposium in Nov. 2006
Dr. Cheng Li from MUN
delivering his presentation
at Symposium
Dr. Boabang from SMU
chatting with students at
Dr. Norvell & Frank Wang
presenting a scholarship
to a new MASCE student
at MUN, Aug. 2008
Program Students at the
Party 2014
Brock U 2007 iMACC
students graduation
ceremony Aug. 2008
Reception Lunch for new
LLM students at York
University in Aug. 2008