Frank Wang with MASCE
Students at MUNin Sept.
Frank Wang with Brock U
iMACC students at
Niagara Falls in Aug.
Dr. Boabang & Dr. Ye with
some MFin Alumni in
Shanghai in Dec. 2005
Dr. Fields of U of Windsor
at Can-Zhong's partner
office in Shijiazhuang
Following Canadian university faculty members will visit
China to interview Candidates in Spring 2019:
Find most current info on facebook

2019 Fall North American Professional Master Program
will be held in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai from
Oct. 31 to Nov. 12. The following universities has decided to
send their representatives to attend this major event:

Trent University
Memorial University
Simon Fraser University
The University of Windsor
Brock University
Saint Mary's University
Dalhousie University

The students who want to apply for master programs offered by
these universities, please
contact local agencies for more
Can-Zhong Current Events - 2019-2020
Dr. Cheng Li from MUN
chatting with students at
Dr. Boabang from MSMU
delivering his presentation
at Symposium, Nov. 2006