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You can apply the following Programs through Can-Zhong.
Can-Zhong is the
recruiting agency for the following Master Programs.
Trent University
Master of Big Data
Master of Financial Analytics
Master of Management

St. Mary's University
-Master of Finance
Tuiton fee for this 14 months program is Cd $ 32,000
-Master of Science in Computer and date Analytics Program
Tuition for 16 month program is Cd$30,000
-University undergraduate Programs
Tuition fee is about Cd 10,000 per year
Saint Mary's University
Brock University

-Master of Business Administration (MBA-ISP)
Tuition fee for 17 months program is Cd $ 33,000

Master of Accounting (IMACC)
Tuition fee for this 13 months program is Cd $ 25,000

-University undergraduate Programs
Tuition fee is about Cd 11,000 per year
York University
Brock University
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Master of Applied Science in Computer Engineering
Tuition fee for this 18 months program is US $ 25,000
Master of Environmental Engineering and Management
Tuition fee for this 12 months program is US $ 20,000
Master of Oil and Gas Engineering Program
Tuition for 18 month program is US$20,000
Memorial University
University of Dalhousie  

-Master of Engineering in Internetworking
24 month program

University of Dalhousie
Simon Fraser University  
-Master of Education in Teaching English as An Additional
Language Fieldwork Stream (TESL/TEFL) 17 months program

NSCAD University
-Master of Design
13 months program
Mount St. Vincent
MSCAD Unioversity
University of  Windsor

-Master of Engineering in Automobile Engineering
26 months program

Master of Management (in Manufacturing Management)
14 months program

-Master of Management (in International Accounting and Finance)
14 months program

-Master of Human resource Management

-Master of Logistics and supply chain Management
University of Windsor
Rouen School of
Burgundy School of
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Can-Zhong is also recruitment representative for the
following educational institutes in China:
You can find more information about these educational
institutes by cruising their websites.

University of Winnipeg

University of Prince Edward Island

Wilfrid Laurier University

Royal Roads University

Malaspina University College

Langara College

Columbia College

Coquitlam College

Niagara College

Algonquin College

George Brown College
If You are interested in these programs above, please contact
us at our offices or our partner agencies.
Our Offices and Our Partner Agencies